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We welcome you to the new website Maintenance Bangor. To get some guidance on how to use the website, read this article first.

You’ve just come from our Home Page, you can visit this at any time by selectinghomefrom the main menu at the top of the screen or by clicking on our logo. There you can find general news on the web site and click on any article, you will be transferred to the page with the full article so that you enjoy his rest. Remember that you can share any article using the social networking options on the bottom of the article.

By looking at the main menu now, you can see that different sections for the three chapels in the pastorate. By placing your mouse over the options in the menu, you’ll see the different sub-opsiyau for each section. In these sections, you’ll have access to the latest news, information and details about our Youth Clubs chapels.

Under the button Events, You can access our central calendar that includes numerous community events which are relevant to the three chapels. You can browse events by month, year or week and you can even submit your own event to the list. These applications will go through a validation process before being added to our website.

In the sectioninteractive, You can view several pictures of different activities of the chapels. Here too, there are links to various websites, the opportunity to download past editions of Ichthus and a page, especially for videos. Remember, if you have pictures or resources to share, please contact us.

Under the optionconnecting, you can choose the nature of your correspondence for your message to be transferred to the right person immediately.

You may have also noticed that the menu at the bottom of the page that allows Users to log in and give people the Register website. We kindly ask you not to and register unless you are a member of the panel presenting news in your chapel. All applications will go through a validation process. If you are a member, you can gyflwynno articles from this menu and have access to the Internal Calendars Chapel.

And that, you suddenly introduction to the new site. Hope you can find what you were looking for it and please contact if you have any comments or suggestions.

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