Can a believer listen to rock?

All people have different musical preferences. And there are many fans of rock music, among whom, by the way, there are very religious people. Is such music good for God, and why is there an opinion that Christians should not listen to rock – a popular question on the Internet.

How a believer needs to comprehend rock music

It has long been known that music has a great influence on a person. This fact has been scientifically confirmed and it makes no sense to argue with it, because every person who has certain musical preferences agrees that his emotional state changes under the influence of the melody and lyrics of the song. Recently, the question of the admissibility of listening to rock by believers has been very actively discussed.

And here opinions are divided. Some are sure that rock music is something uniquely satanic and unclean. Others parry – this direction is much more multifaceted than the first ones say, and you cannot definitely row everything under one comb.

The history of the emergence and influence of rock music

If you look at the history of the appearance of this genre in musical creativity, it becomes obvious that rock arose as a kind of subculture, a protesting movement that does not like the injustice and cruelty of this world, falsehood and lies. It would seem that the rejection of such phenomena is true in nature. And, therefore, the rock genre does not carry anything bad in itself. Such music only reveals the shortcomings of society.

But in reality, everything is a little different. The existing order of things is despised, but in contrast to it promiscuity and permissiveness are promoted, and anti-Christian ideas sound in the songs. Given this information, one could unequivocally say – yes, rock is not from God.

Just look at the musicians of rock groups, with wild hairstyles, defiant behavior on the stage and immoral lyrics, such as “Ramstein”, “Kiss”, “Rolling Stones” and the like.

Is there a Christian theme in rock music

But there are also such groups that sound completely different – The Beatles, Scorpions, for example. Their songs are dominated by lyrical melodies and words. The conclusion suggests itself that it is not in music as such, but in people. People make music, people play it. And if you look at domestic music groups working in this genre, you can find examples with a very interesting and pleasant sound, deep meaning.

It is impossible to unambiguously brand all works with the creation of satanic servants. Yes, there are projects that clearly demonstrate their love for anti-Christian symbols and ideas. Their work can hardly be called music – it is rather a rumble and roar, causing any normal person to feel unwell and irritated.

But there are others who awaken elevated feelings in a person and contribute to the desire to find God. In some forums where this issue is discussed, many people wrote that rock helped them come to the temple, where they were inspired by the spirit of faith. And it was unlikely that these were songs by Ozzy Osbourne or Mick Jagger.

Therefore, the question of what should be the attitude to rock on the part of Christians cannot be answered unequivocally.

Important! You have to be selective – that’s the main rule. And always focus on the teachings of the church, analyzing the conformity of a musical product with one or another criteria.

After all, no one will refute the fact that pop music, rap or hip-hop very often do not carry anything good in themselves. Again, attention should be focused not on the genre, but on a specific project. In any direction, there are immoral examples and really worthwhile things.

Is it permissible for a Christian to listen to rock music

Based on the statement of the apostle Paul: “Test everything, keep good. Refrain from any kind of evil. ”, We can conclude that the decision to listen to rock music must be made on the basis of the lack of an anti-Christian message.

Important! Speaking about how the clergy react to such music and what it is connected with, the priest said that condemnation, as a rule, is caused by infernal motives. But they are not everywhere present.

Musical works influence human consciousness. And if it is still not strong, as, for example, among adolescents and youth, then it is easy to introduce not quite correct ideas into it. Here are some things to watch out for.

And in order to prevent this, you need to bring the young generation to the church as early as possible in order to fill with God that void in the soul that young people seek to fill with rock. Then there is hope that a person will be able to recognize a dangerous face under a fashionable mask and will not be imbued with its meaning.

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