Berea New 2003-2013

Compiled by special poem Peredur Lynch to celebrate the tenth anniversary of New Berea.

House meets Prince Hedd

One ana’l is ten mlynedd.

Ein building, second is,

A obscurity man ydyw.

Un seconds whether walls, there were mortar

Short is brittle.

But our prayer is filling,

His Church

He is the vacuum.

She beamed therefrom under her, there in its brick

The cars all centuries belief

And seas all deliverance.

he cars all centuries belief

And seas all deliverance.

The breeze in Merea tonight brings good news.

Long does it balm, and while here one amenio

A Sovereign hand on this place, not a building we see.

From generation to one Church.

Old is! New eternal!

It is a feast this space, it will stand at which they beseech

In continuation in mortar brittle, is large between narrow walls.

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