Dear brothers and sisters! This August our parish began a series of conversations for adult parishioners about faith and the church. Classes are held by the pastor of our church on Fridays at 18-00 at the end of the ceremony. The main goal of such meetings is to welcome more parishioners to the charitable work of our church.

Our pastor arranges subsequent classes according to the topic and level of preparedness of the congregation. He can captivate any audience with his oratory. So it’s never boring! We remind that anyone can attend our classes.

We also remind that thanks to the opening of the summer Christian camp, the vacancy of a junior pastor is being opened in our church. Send your cover letter and  a resume, shaped according to the pastor resume sample, to our email. We do not select any resume automatically by using an applicant tracking system. Our pastor will kindly meet with each candidate personally. Believe in the Lord and your abilities! For it is He who called you to fulfill our common mission in the temple of the Lord in our town!